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Name:Jew Trek
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Jewish fen and Jewish themes in the Star Trek franchise
Welcome to Jew Trek, your heimishe community for everything Star Trek!

We are a friendly place for Jewish fen of the Star Trek franchise, be it TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY or ENT. Reboot fen are also welcome, of course. Our focus is on Jewish themes and topics, both in canon and fanworks. We welcome slash, het and gen alike.

Want to discuss the similarity between a specific alien culture and Jewish rituals? Like to post your hanukkah!fic or purim!vid? Need to rec a relevant article or an awesome fic? Have a secret Jewish!Spock kink and want to infect others? Look for someone who might write that Chekov/hamantashen PWP for you and don't know where to ask?

Here's the place to do it!

Twice a year we will host a ficathon: one for Purim, one for Hanukkah. Watch out for the announcements.


1. Be courteous. Flaming and anti-Semitic posts will not be tolerated. You will find slash, het and gen here. If you don't like one of them, the rule of thumb is: no H8!

2. Tag your posts and include a tag for the franchise & universe, please! Include a tag for gen, het or slash for fanworks.

3. Community-lock all media posts. Place NSFW posts under a cut.

4. No RPF. Articles about actors, writers and directors are welcome, but this is not the place to feature real persons in works of fiction.
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